About Sasatech

Sasatech, owned by Kibbutz Sasa, develops, manufactures, and markets consumer products for cleaning, maintenance, and care in Israel and internationally.

Our wide range of products is suitable for diverse applications including home care and cleaning, industrial and maintenance, automotive and transport, personal care, and industrial cleaning and disinfectants.

The company was established in 1982 and originally manufactured a limited number of products for industry purposes. Over the years, the company developed and in 2000, opened new factory premises after investing heavily in advanced equipment for aerosol sprays, a number of new production lines for filling liquids in various packaging types, and a new production line for pastes.

Today, Sasatech has 160 employees and markets its products – as private labels or home brands – in Israel and internationally. The company’s success can mainly be attributed to its professional, skilled and dedicated staff.

Sasatech’s Cornerstones
  • Orientation to service and consistent attentiveness to customer needs.
  • Operational and marketing flexibility – we are equipped to meet changing scopes of activities and requirements.
  • Innovation – we ensure to stay updated on all of the latest innovations in the various fields and apply them to our products.
  • Modern manufacturing means – manufacturing and filling is computerized and done automatically.
  • Strict quality control system and compliance with international regulations and standards.
  • Advanced development laboratory with the most experienced scientists in the field.
  • Diverse activities – we market to a wide range of customers in Israel and internationally.
  • Economic resilience – the factory belongs to Kibbutz Sasa, a financially stable kibbutz that deals with a variety of manufacturing fields.

These cornerstones allow our company to continuously invest and aspire to excellence in all our activities. 
The company, located in the heart of a nature reserve and surrounded by vineyards and orchards, sees the protection of the environment as a primary goal and acts accordingly in all its activities. With this future in mind, the factory invested in the development of an ecological product line that contains environmentally-friendly ingredients that quickly decompose back into the environment. In addition, the company is devoted to transitioning to smart products and packaging, which contribute to decreasing waste.
 We hope you find our products easy to use and effective, and that they contribute to your quality of life.

Main Customers