Private Labels

Sasatech offers a specialized, end-to-end private label service including product development and manufacturing based on customer requirements and budget, packaging design and development, and through to delivery and distribution.
No matter what your private label needs are – we’re here to help you!
Our Advantages
  • Innovation – we stay up-to-date on all of the latest innovations in all fields including packaging.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in the manufacturing of private labels for dozens of customers in Israel and overseas.
  • Manufacturing flexibility – we can produce varied volumes based on customer requirements.
  • Reverse engineering capabilities – we can analyze and design products based on customer requirements.
  • Consistency across all manufactured products.
  • High accessibility to packaging and raw material suppliers.
  • Assistance with all regulations, licensing, and standards – we have vast experience in all regulatory aspects.
  • Funding and storage savings – no need to import full shipping containers.

Sasatech Brands

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